Enter into the most immersive award-winning rooms in all of Colorado. Clue Clock Escape provides high-tech interactive puzzles that satisfy even the most experienced escape room enthusiasts. What are you waiting for!? Come prove The Real McCoy’s BBQ is yours, that you don’t belong in a madhouse, or that robbing banks is easy. See you soon!


What is an escape room? 

Come and be fully submerged into a themed room where you and your team will have 1 hour to work together finding clues to solving puzzles, riddles, and cracking codes in order to escape. Check out our blog on this subject.

How old do you have to be? 

Kids are absolutely welcomed, but if under the age of 14 they must be accompanied by at least ONE adult over the age of 17 with them as a paying participant. Kids ages 7 or younger are not considered participants and can be in the room for free, but not recommended. Any child 7 or younger needs to be supervised at all times while playing for safety. It is highly recommended to play our escape rooms with children who are at least 12 years old. Kids younger than 12 years old tend to struggle with solving our puzzles resulting in not a very good time for everyone in the room.

How Many Players can Play?

In order to ensure you and your group have the time of your lives we allow up to 7 players for Madhouse and up to 6 players for Bank Heist and Blood Money. This will guarantee that no one is left out and that all of you are able to enjoy the game. 

Are We Really Locked in? 

Your safety is our top priority, so we do not actually lock you in.

Do I Need to Bring Anything with me? 

Bring you, yourself, your friends and family. Oh and your grit, wits, and winning spirits. 

What Time Should we Arrive?

Please, arrive 15 minutes prior to your time slot. There will be players before and after you, so if you are late you may not get the full 60 minutes or even fully cancelled without a refund. 

Are There Cameras? 

Yes, we will be watching and listening in order to provide you with clues/nudges as needed when needed so you have the best experience possible. 

Are the Rooms Private or will we be Sharing with Other People? 

All of our rooms are private and require a minimum of 2 players. 

How Much is it to Play?

2 – 3 players = $36 each
4 – 7 players = $34 each

Are Tickets Refundable?

Full refunds are provided if notified 24 hours in advance. If less than 24 hours we will work with you to reschedule if an emergency arises. But no refunds if less than 24 hours notice. 

Can I Give my Tickets to a Friend or Family?

Yes! You can absolutely sell or give your tickets away. Just call us to inform us of the new people. 

Can I Take a Photo or Video Inside? 

You can take selfies, BUT we ask that no solvable puzzle is in the photo AND if you do take a selfie or photo you MUST post it to social media and tag us. We DO NOT allow video. We would like our rooms to stay private so everyone can have the same experience and have just as much fun as you had. We will take a group photo after the game is complete. If we see you taking videos we will have to ask you to leave without a refund. ALSO, we highly recommend just leaving your cellphones put away. This is more of a time to disconnect from devices and enjoy the moment.

Are the Games Wheelchair Accessible? 

Yes, all of our games are wheelchair accessible. 

Are the Games Good for Team Building? 

Heck yeah! We love to host corporate teams, church teams, school teams, and married couples. 

What if I am Claustrophobic?

Our games are wide open as if you are in a normal room. Remember per fire code the doors aren’t actually locked. Our games should not be an issue if you suffer from claustrophobia. 

Are your Games Scary? 

At the moment we do not have any horror games. Ten Days in the Madhouse is more of a thriller, not horror. Our current games are pretty well-lit.